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What Snoring has to do with Dental Health

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Dr. VanBrunt
What Snoring has to do with Dental HealthSnoring is the vibration of air in the mouth due to the relaxation of soft tissues. The sound created is very annoying to other people and may affect them. Snoring is regular but may be caused by some underlying factors in the body. Let's discuss why you snore and how you can deal with it.


When you're asleep, the tissues in the mouth are relaxed. This makes them sometimes block the airways in the mouth partially. When the airways are blocked, air movement is blocked, and hence it vibrates, creating the snoring. The loudness of the snoring sound depends on how clogged the airways are. Some of the causes that result in changes in the shape or relaxations are; obese or overweight people may snore due to the tissues accumulating in the neck. Nasal congestions may obstruct the airways and cause snoring. Alcohol or tobacco use just before going to bed may increase the chances of sleeping and snoring.

Effects of Snoring

Snoring has some effects on your dental health. It can cause bad breath during snoring, and the mouth dries up. The dry mouth lacks the protective layer of saliva that protects and moistens the tissues accumulating bacteria that may lead to bacterial infections and decay. Hence the bad breath in the mouth in the morning. The other effect of dried-up saliva is the development of sores and inflammation in the mouth.

Offering Oral care

Snoring at night should not be ignored. Mention it to your dentist so that he can run some tests. They will be able to provide recommendations on dealing with the snoring. Studies of your sleeping patterns and general body health are analyzed to ensure your general well-being is at par. Visit our friendly doctors for quality examinations and care. Call us now and book your consultation.

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