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Tooth Cap vs. Crown
Tulsa, OK

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Dr. VanBrunt
Tooth Cap vs. crown.Your dentist can recommend a tooth cap or crown, and you may need clarification about the difference between these options. However, there is no major difference between a tooth cap and a crown. For many years, dental crowns were known as caps by people who don't work in the dentistry industry or the older generation.

What is the Difference Between a Tooth Cap and a Crown?

A tooth cap and dental crown are similar. A cap is only a layman's language for the dental crown; thus, there is no difference. A dental crown or cap is a dental restoration method that fits on your discolored, damaged, or decayed tooth to help restore its appearance and minimize further damage.

A dentist can recommend a crown or cap to increase your teeth' strength and offer more support. Multiple dental crown materials are available such as porcelain, ceramic, metal, resin, or a mixture of porcelain and metal.

Why do You Require a Dental Crown or Tooth Cap?

Dental crowns or caps are required for cosmetic and oral benefits. If you have any structural weakness in your teeth and need to restore their strength and resilience, you need a dental crown. The crown is needed to repair any damaged tooth. The dentist will use the dental treatment option to safeguard the remains of a broken tooth from further damage, conceal a dental implant, conceal misshaped or discolored teeth, and strengthen weak teeth.

Placing a Tooth Cap or Crown

The placing of a tooth cap or crown is a very simple procedure. Your dentist will only use two visits to complete the procedure. During the first visit, the dentist comprehensively examines and files your tooth. They also identify the exact shape and size of the crown you will require. On the second visit, they place the crown on the required tooth.

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