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Winter Toothache
Tulsa, OK

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Dr. VanBrunt
Woman with winter toothache, in Tulsa, OK. Jackets, boots, skiing, and hot drinks accompany the arrival of winter. Winter days might also induce toothaches in certain people. What causes these toothaches, and how may they be treated?

Tooth Sensitivity

The most prevalent reasons for winter tooth discomfort include high altitude, tooth sensitivity, and dental trauma. When the tooth enamel cracks or fades away, the dentin underneath becomes exposed, causing tooth sensitivity. Dentin is the tooth that protects the nerves. When exposed to specific meals, beverages, or even chilly air, it might induce pain. If you have sensitivity, avoid cold and hot liquids, as well as spicy foods, and then see your dentist, as tooth sensitivity is treatable. A dentist can rule out potentially significant issues such as a fractured tooth, infection, or cavity. In some circumstances, simply changing your toothpaste may be sufficient to offer you the optimum treatment.

High Altitude

Changes in air pressure can also cause tooth pain. When scuba divers enter deep water, they feel a pressure known as a "tooth squeeze." At high altitudes, such as when skiing, a similar impact might be felt. If you have dental pain when at higher elevations, you should see a dentist. The most prevalent issues are damaged fillings or crowns, broken teeth, tooth rot, or worn enamel. Do you have a sore throat? Hot or cold foods and drinks might aggravate the pain.

Dental Trauma

Winter activities can be a lot of fun, but they are not without risk. See your dentist as soon as possible if you experience dental trauma while skiing. Using a mouthguard while participating in winter activities will protect your teeth from harm. A dentist can help you select the best course of therapy and provide the groundwork for future care in the event of a trauma. Mouthguards, while not completely effective, help lessen dental damage and tooth pain.

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