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Role Of Dental Assistants In Oral Surgery
Tulsa, OK

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Dr. VanBrunt
Image of a dental assistant, looking at the teeth of a patient, at Smiles of Tulsa in Tulsa, OK. Dental assistants play a vital role in any dental practice and especially during surgery. Their support makes the workflow effective and seamless.

Patient Preparation

Preparation is not just physical but mental as well. First and foremost, a dental assistant has the responsibility of putting together all the dental medical records that pertain to the respective patient. Before the procedure, the dental assistant has to put the mind of the patient at ease. Dental anxiety is common and should be expected. However, helping the patient understand the scope, procedure, expectation, and duration of the operation is vital in easing off any anxiety. Other times, the oral surgeon may require the dental assistant to conduct X-rays necessary for mapping out the treatment procedure.

Workstation Set Up

Setting up the workstation has different aspects. Firstly, a dental assistant has to sterilize and assemble all instruments that will be used during the surgery. Additionally, they have to set aside and organize all protective equipment needed by the doctors such as gowns, masks, eyewear, and gloves.

Actual Procedural Support

A dental assistant is responsible for passing surgical instruments to the surgeon during the operation. Additionally, they assist in mouth suctioning and soft tissue withdrawal. Before the commencement of the procedure, the dental assistant has to prepare and administer the anesthesia needed to numb the area undergoing the operation. Dental assistants monitor the patient's vitals during the operation and alert the doctor in case of any dangers.

A dental assistant also provides all the after-care information to the patient. Pertinent information would include prescribed medications and specific ways to keep the dental work clean during and after recovery. Lastly, a dental assistant disposes of used tools and clears the workstation of all forms of contamination. We have qualified dental assistants and doctors at our facilities. Go ahead and schedule an appointment with us today.

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