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When Should I Change My Toothbrush?

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Weo Admin
Toothpaste tube with brush with alloted toothpaste laying on the tube at Smiles of TulsaRegularly changing your toothbrush can help in maintaining good oral hygiene. As time passes, you will notice that the toothbrush is no longer effective and can store bacteria. It would help to talk to the dentist to ensure you know when to change your toothbrush.

Continue reading to know when you should change your toothbrush:

If Your Teeth Feel Fuzzy Even After Brushing

You may have noticed that your teeth still feel fuzzy even after you've brushed them. This could indicate that your toothbrush is no longer removing plaque and debris appropriately. As time goes on, the toothbrush will become worn out and less effective at cleaning between your teeth and in between the gum line.

If You Were Recently Sick

It's essential to change your toothbrush after having a contagious illness. Examples of diseases are colds, flu, and tonsils. The bacteria could still be on the toothbrush and get the illness when you use the toothbrush again.

Frayed Bristles

Ensure that you check the bristles of your toothbrush regularly. If the bristles are frayed, splayed, or bent in various directions, it's a clear sign that your toothbrush is past its prime. Frayed bristles are less effective at cleaning your teeth properly and can even cause gum irritation. You will also notice the toothbrush is hard to clean.

A Bad Smell

If your toothbrush has developed an unpleasant odor, it could indicate bacterial growth on the bristles. Bacteria from your mouth, food particles, and moisture can accumulate on the brush, leading to a foul smell.

It could also be hard to clean the toothbrush; therefore, it will store old toothpaste. If your toothbrush smells terrible, it's time for a replacement. Call our office today to know the signs that indicate you need to change the toothbrush.

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