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Soothing a Teething Baby - Lessons From Around the World

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Dr. VanBrunt
Smiling baby. Teething is a natural part of normal child development, and cultures around the globe have their unique ways of easing this process. These traditional remedies are a celebration of heritage, showcasing how societies nurture their young.

Nutritional Practices and Teething

As a child grows, teething signals that a child is ready for solid foods. This milestone is seen in various cultures and how they address it with specific dietary practices. Some African communities, for example, introduce fibrous foods that double as natural gum massagers. This not only assists in teething but also includes the child in their family meals, marking a significant developmental step.

Herbal Wisdom for Comfort

Herbal remedies are a cornerstone in Asian traditions for managing teething discomfort. Some families use a blend of herbs, known for their soothing effects, and apply them to the gums of their children. These herbs are revered for their gentle, effective relief and their connection to the healing powers of the earth.

The Cooling Touch of Nature

In the warmth of the Mediterranean, parents often turn to the cooler gifts of nature for teething discomforts. Chilled fruits or damp cloths offer soothing relief for inflamed gums by providing a gentle, refreshing numbness to the gums that can calm a fussy baby.

The Healing Power of Touch

The Indigenous cultures of the Americas hold massage in high regard for its benefits during teething. Elders or healers use their fingers to apply pressure to the gums. This practice not only eases discomfort but also strengthens the bonds of community and care. With the role of touch in healing and gentle gum massages, caregivers provide not just physical relief to the teething infant but also an emotional connection.

Have you heard of other ways to soothe a teething baby? If you need support for your teething baby, call your pediatric dentist today.

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