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Tooth Brushing Activities for Preschoolers

Posted on 6/15/2024 by Dr. VanBrunt
Dentist and child learn how to brush teethPreschoolers are old enough to practice oral health hygiene. However, teaching these children how to brush their teeth at this age is sometimes challenging. Here are some toothbrushing activities that can help your preschoolers enjoy brushing their teeth.

Use Modelling Clay to Make a Mouth

Modeling using clay is a common activity among preschoolers. Using the same clay to make a mouth, complete with teeth, is an activity your preschooler can enjoy. You can use mini-marshmallows to make the teeth, and you can show them how to brush and floss using the fake teeth and mouth.

Paint and Hang Some Happy Teeth

You can use paper and colored pencils to draw and paint happy teeth. You can then hang these images in the bedroom. Your child will look at these images and want to make their teeth as happy as the image of the teeth hanging in their bedroom.

Practice Holding Toothbrushes by Painting with Them

You can help your child learn how to hold a toothbrush by mixing puffy paint with shaving cream. You can then ask your children to use the paint to brush large, paper teeth. You can sprinkle glitter on the paint to show them how teeth sparkle when they brush.

Let the Kids Brush Egg Carton Teeth

You can use egg cartons, especially the ones with white foam. Use the carton to model teeth and then color them using washable markers. The markers will act as food particles and plaque that the children can use toothpaste and toothbrush to clean out and leave the model teeth white again.

Use Apples to Demonstrate Teeth Cavities

Using apples to teach your children about dental cavities is the coolest toothbrushing activity for preschoolers. Use a sharp object to poke holes in the skin of the apple and let the children watch what happens to the white part inside. To make it more interactive, you can ask them to guess what might happen. Tell your children that not brushing their teeth leaves them vulnerable to cavities.

There are several other toothbrushing activities you can do with your preschooler, each one emphasizing the importance of regular toothbrushing. By making this a fun and educational part of their routine, you are setting them up for a lifetime of good oral health.

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