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Importance of Brushing Your Tongue on a Daily Basis

Posted on 7/10/2019 by Dr. VanBrunt
Importance of Brushing Your Tongue on a Daily BasisAsk a person what the most important part of their oral hygiene routine is, and they will probably talk about brushing their teeth. Ask them if they know how to do this properly and few people know everything they should do.

They don't always know how often to brush, what type of toothbrush and toothpaste to use and how long to brush. People take the time to learn this, but that still does not mean they know everything about brushing their teeth. They do not know why they also should take the time to brush their tongue too.

Why Clean the Tongue

The first thing that people ask is why bother cleaning the tongue. They understand that there is a need to clean their teeth. They know they need to remove the debris and bacteria that attach themselves to the teeth. What they may not think about is if there are bacteria and debris on the teeth, that there is also bacteria and debris on the tongue. If they do to clean the tongue, that bacteria will easily spread to the teeth and almost makes cleaning the teeth a waste of time.

If you do not clean the tongue of the bacteria and debris, you not only risk spreading bacteria to the teeth, you may also end up dealing with bad breath. Bacteria left on the tongue will result in bouts of bad breath.

How to Clean the Tongue

Cleaning the tongue is not difficult and does not require much extra effort. Use a moistened toothbrush to brush the tongue from the back to the tip. The best time to do this is after brushing your teeth and spitting out the excess toothpaste but before you rinse your mouth. Once you brush the tongue, you can then rinse out your mouth with an antimicrobial mouthwash. Cleaning the tongue should happen during your daily oral hygiene routine.

Learning to clean tongue is not something everyone learns when they are growing up. That does not mean they cannot learn to do it later. It will help them maintain the best oral health possible.

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