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Cameras Let Us See the Conditions Inside Your Mouth

Posted on 8/25/2019 by Dr. VanBrunt
Cameras Let Us See the Conditions Inside Your MouthOne of the most basic techniques we use during a dental exam in our office is a visual inspection of your mouth. We look for signs of potential problems. The issue with this, is there are often places in the mouth that are difficult for us to see. We turn to mirrors and other tools to help us look at these areas, but there is another tool in our office that is very effective. Cameras can help us check out your mouth in ways that we could not do before.

What Cameras See

As technology keeps improving, the ways that intra-oral cameras work has also improved. The cameras have gotten smaller and the pictures they show are clearer. That has helped us see many different things.

The small grooves of the teeth can become stained over time. Toothbrushes are not always able to reach all these grooves. The camera helps us see the staining and use a sealant to help preserve the health of the tooth. The cameras are also an effective tool for spotting the decay of fillings. With the cameras we can spot small cracks or fissures in teeth and gum tissue lesions.

How This Helps
Before the use of cameras, the best tool we had to spot problems like this was a visual exam. While that is still a tool we have, the cameras give us a much better view of what is happening with your teeth and gums. We can spot problems earlier and can treat them before they become a bigger problem. They do not hurt to use, and they are an important part of our examinations.

While many people are afraid of the equipment we have in our office, the intra-oral cameras are not something to add to that list. They do not require any needles, drills or pain medication. They can help you maintain the best oral health possible,

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