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How Your Diet Can Affect Your Oral Health

Posted on 12/15/2019 by Dr. VanBrunt
How Your Diet Can Affect Your Oral HealthAs we all know, our health is quite priceless. As such, we should take every measure possible to make sure that everything checks out and that we are in peak condition. This means every part of our body is critical. This is true even for our oral health. Most people focus on other parts of the body and forget the mouth.

Although practices such as going to the gym are important for one's overall health, it's important not to forget that our oral health is just as important. When it comes to keeping our oral health at its peak, it all begins with the types of food we consume. In a nutshell, our teeth in the long run are often a reflection of what we eat. Some foods strengthen our teeth and keep us from having dental problems while others are responsible for causing them.

Fast Foods

Over the years, we have seen the food culture change quite a bit. Today, fast food joints have taken over the nation. It's quite rare not to find a fast food restaurant in most of our neighborhoods.

That's because the food is often tasty and not as expensive. However, as much as we enjoy eating these foods, they aren't exactly good for our bodies and neither are they good for our oral health. Most fast foods are filled with grease, salt and sugar. The combination of these three elements causes damage to our internal organs and also our teeth. The sugar in these beverages is often quite high.

This sugar tends to stick to our teeth and later on cause complications such as cavities and decay in the gums. The fermentable carbohydrates often found in foods such as crackers, chips and the likes are also fuel to the bacteria that bring about acidity in the mouth and later on cavities and other dental problems.

It's important that we eat a balanced diet that's full of every nutrient the body needs and also foods that keep our oral health at its peak. This means foods that are filled with vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are responsible for keeping our teeth strong and our oral health as height as possible. These include plenty of foods that are high in nutrients such as phosphorous and calcium.

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