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How We Can Help Protect Your Teeth When You Have Morning Sickness

Posted on 2/10/2020 by Dr. VanBrunt
How We Can Help Protect Your Teeth When You Have Morning SicknessWhile you might be bringing new life into the world, morning sickness can take a toll on you. Even worse, it can be a danger to your oral health. For instance, morning sickness results in the release of acids into the mouth, which can easily weaken the enamel.

Also, frequent vomiting can lead to a dry mouth, redness of the mouth, frequent sores, and even chronic sore throat. Luckily, you can do a lot to protect your dental hygiene. There are also ways to ensure that your dental checkups aren't affected by morning sickness.

Taking Care Of Your Teeth

Sure, the foul smell in your mouth after vomiting will make you feel like brushing your teeth immediately, but you should resist this urge. The acids released into your mouth have already weakened your teeth's enamel and brushing your teeth immediately will further weaken it.

Progressively doing the same will leave your teeth vulnerable to cracks and cavities, which can easily expose nerve ending and result in tooth sensitivity. Be sure to wash your mouth and rinse it with a mouthwash that contains fluoride. This maintains the integrity of your teeth. You can then proceed to brush them if the need arises.

Scheduling Dental Appointments

Ideally, morning sickness will typically happen during your first trimester. If you feel that the vomiting sessions might be too long for a session with us, you can postpone any appointments for this period. However, you might still need to come in for any dental emergencies.

If you must attend your sessions, be sure to talk to us about the best time for them. This should be the time that you least expect morning sickness. Also, you should agree on how to signal us that you need to vomit, especially if you are being attended to. This might make it easy for us to step aside and let you vomit. Your oral health is essential for both your health and that of your unborn child. As a result, maintaining a healthy dentition is essential. Consider the tips above to maintain your teeth throughout your pregnancy.

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