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Is a Fissured Tongue Something That Requires Treatment?

Posted on 2/20/2020 by Dr. VanBrunt
Is a Fissured Tongue Something That Requires Treatment?Most people do not have a fissured tongue. Of those that do, only a few of them have any type of discomfort from the ailment. However, in those cases, treatment could help reduce the chances of any type of pain.

For those who have never heard of it before, a fissured tongue is when there are grooves down the tongue itself. Instead of the tongue being flat, these grooves run the length of the tongue and just make the tongue look different. In rare cases, these grooves hurt or cause food to get stuck, which can lead to pain.

When to Know That a fissured Tongue Needs Treatment

Some instances of fissured tongues leave the person who has it in pain. This is often when the grooves of the tongue are deep. This can happen from other health problems, like Down syndrome or geographic tongue. In these instances, the fissured should be treated.

This often involves surgery to close the fissures. Other times, the fissures cause food and bacteria to get stuck in them. This can lead to sores all along the tongue, resulting in a lot of pain. This can be a reason to treat the fissures as well. Having sores along the tongue can result in an inability to eat or drink properly, causing malnutrition or even leading to weight loss in the person with the fissured tongue.

If you want to know if your fissured tongue requires treatment, contact us. We can look at what condition your tongue is in currently, as well as look at the condition of the rest of your mouth. This can give us a lot of insight as to how many bacteria are hiding around your mouth. If the answer is a lot, then we can discuss what could be done to treat your tongue and bring you relief.

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