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How We Make Dental Crowns in Just One Visit

Posted on 4/20/2020 by Dr. VanBrunt
Image of dental crowns.One of the most-requested restorations used in our practice is the dental crown. That is because we make it possible for you to get your new crown in just one visit. Because we support the latest advances in dental technology, we can make a dental crown in just one appointment. Therefore, you do not have to reschedule or follow up to get a crown. It can be done at one time. The following information gives you a basic idea of what to expect when you opt for a one-day crown restoration.

What Is a Same-day Crown and What Is the Process?

Again, you only need to make one dental appointment if you schedule a same-day crown. We make it easy for you to do so, as we use an intraoral camera and computer-aid design (CAD) software to create a 3D image of your tooth. After producing the image, a CEREC machine is used to fabricate and make the crown. Overall, the entire process takes around 60 minutes. Compare that with the traditional method of getting a crown, which spans two visits. When a traditional crown is placed, an impression is made and sent to a lab. A temporary crown is used to protect your tooth until the lab completes the permanent crown. In this case, patients wait about two weeks.

What the Benefits and Drawbacks of Same-day Crowns?

If you want a convenient solution to getting a crown, a same-day crown is the answer. You don't have to get a temporary crown or wait for your permanent crown to be made. You will not need to receive as many injections, and a digital scanner is used instead of creating an impression. However, same-day crowns, unlike traditional crowns, may be more subject to wear. The CEREC same-day crown is made of ceramic, which is less sturdy than traditional metal or porcelain. Also, be aware – if your tooth contains a fracture beneath the gum, you may not be able to get a same-day crown. That is because we may not be able to get a correct map of the tooth when using a camera to record the damage.

You can see that same-day crowns and traditional crowns have their advantages and drawbacks. If you don't want to wait for a replacement tooth, however, you can call our office and get a crown made quickly and easily. If you need a same-day crown, give us a call today and schedule an appointment.

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