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Why is it Important to Floss Daily?

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Dr. VanBrunt
Why is it Important to Floss Daily?Health care professionals have repeatedly told us that one way of ensuring you keep your dental hygiene high is by brushing and flossing your teeth every day. To most people, flossing is a bothersome task that they are grateful to skip every other day. However, the activity has some proven benefits that are essential to keeping a healthy mouth! Here are some of the most important reasons to floss daily.

Preventive Medicine

It has always been said that it's often better to prevent a disease than to cure it. The mouth is full of germs and bacteria that can settle in the mouth and thrive off food particles left in-between the spaces between your teeth. While brushing teeth is crucial, the bristles don't get to the nook and crannies, which means not all particles are washed away. By flossing, we ensure that bacteria are disrupted from growing, which also eliminates the possibility of plaque building up.

Prevents Bad Breath

When food is left in the tooth's nooks and crannies, over time the bacteria in the mouth break it down, and one of the byproducts is acid, which damages the teeth and forms cavities. Another byproduct is sulfur, which then brings about the foul smell when someone opens their mouth. Flossing daily removes these food particles, which starves out the bacteria, keeping your breath fresh!

Reducing Respiratory Diseases

When there is a buildup of food particles in the mouth, the bacteria can travel down the respiratory system and cause unforeseen issues. Many cases of sinus infections, bronchitis, and even pneumonia can develop as result of this sort of buildup. Regular flossing can help food particles stuck between teeth, thereby preventing any such illnesses.

Proper flossing takes time, patience, and technique to do properly. Although it might be time-consuming at first, the rewards are much more appealing than the consequences of ignoring your flossing needs! If you want to talk more about flossing, come in, and our professionals will take care of you!

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