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Why Do the Colors of Your Produce Matter to Your Oral Health?

Posted on 12/21/2020 by Dr. VanBrunt
Why Do the Colors of Your Produce Matter to Your Oral Health?The colors of fruits and vegetables can reveal a wealth of information about their dietary benefits. This is because the colors of the fruits and vegetables are caused by the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and naturally occurring chemicals that support many of the human body's functions. Our team recommends that our patients include at least two separate colors of fruits and vegetables with each meal to boost the health of the mouth and the overall body.

Produce Colors and Their Significance

Red, purple, and blue produce have high amounts of antioxidants, which lower the chances of developing strokes, heart disease, cancer, and memory problems. These types of produce also fortify the immune system, including controlling the population of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Orange and yellow produce get their coloration from carotenoids, chemicals that provide a variety of benefits to human body – including keeping the immune system functioning properly. Green produce is nutrient-rich, containing vitamins and minerals that boost bone health – including teeth – and the immune system.

General Benefits of Produce

Produce that is rich in dietary fiber – such as celery and apples - benefits oral health by promoting the generation of high quantities of saliva. Saliva acts as a natural defense mechanism for the mouth by balancing pH-levels, removing loose food particles, and combating the growth of harmful bacteria. Therefore, foods rich in dietary fibers indirectly lead to a healthy mouth. In addition, patients who substitute harmful snacks such as sugary foods and acidic foods and beverages with produce dramatically reduce damage to their teeth by lowering exposure to enamel-eroding acids and food particles that harmful bacteria crave.

Regardless of the color, fresh produce has strong benefits to the human body. Patients seeking to improve their oral health should focus on green produce – especially leafy vegetables and celery – and produce rich in dietary fibers. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation; our team can help you formulate a diet that will promote good oral health.

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