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3 Procedures That Straighten Your Teeth

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Dr. VanBrunt
3 Procedures That Straighten Your TeethWe all want to have a Hollywood smile with perfectly white and straight teeth. Some people are born with naturally straight teeth, but others have to work for it. To improve your smile, you can get one of the three dental procedures that straighten your teeth. We have shared their names and details to help you get started.


One of the most popular ways of straightening your teeth is Invisalign. These are used in place of braces because of their translucent nature, making them hard to spot. Invisalign can also be removed for proper teeth cleaning, and they produce results faster than braces.

Six Month Braces

This is another advancement in teeth straightening technology. The six-month braces live up to their name and can fix your misaligned teeth in the promised period. These braces are almost as translucent as Invisalign, but their procedure time is shorter, making them a better option.

Fast Braces

Fast Braces are also one of the ways to straighten your teeth. Although they don't show results as fast as six months braces, they are still better than other options. These braces help to align the roots of your teeth to produce a straight smile, and the results can be visible in 20 weeks. However, the braces are removed after a few years to make things permanent.

A beautiful smile has an effect on your life and far beyond. Getting your teeth fixed and aligned has no age factor, and you can even wear braces as adults. If you are looking for someone experienced and professional you can visit Corbyn VanBrunt, DDS at Smiles of Tulsa. Scheduling an appointment is as easy as dialing (918) 891-3059, and we will recommend the best treatment option for you.

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