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How Stress Can Increase Clenching of Your Teeth

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Dr. VanBrunt
How Stress Can Increase Clenching of Your TeethWith the growing pressure in the modern world, it is normal to experience stress. While stress is a psychological condition, its effects can impact your teeth. Stress links to several oral problems, including teeth clenching, canker sores, and temporomandibular disorders. Thus, you should pay close attention to your stress symptoms to detect its effects on your oral health before it causes irreversible damage.

How Stress Causes Teeth Clenching

Some people will clench their teeth when they are anxious or stressed. If you clench your teeth, stress can make this habit even worse. This response is usually subconscious, and most people are unaware of when they are clenching their teeth. If you clench your teeth at night, it will be difficult to tell unless you start experiencing the symptoms or if your partner tells you. Over time, teeth clenching will cause your facial muscles to tighten up, causing pain and headaches. Teeth clenching can also cause dental problems such as cracks and chippings and eventual teeth loss.

What to Do to Minimize Teeth Clenching

If your teeth are worn out, or you are experiencing sensitivity, and your jaw, face, and ears are painful, it could be a sign that you clench your teeth. Therefore, you should schedule a visit for diagnosis and treatment. This is because if untreated, teeth clenching will result in TMD, which affects your jaw joints. TMD will cause difficulty in chewing and opening your mouth, characterized by a clicking sound, and can have major impacts on your oral health. To treat stress-related teeth clenching, we will start by examining your teeth for the damages. Afterward, we will recommend a mouth guard and muscle relaxation exercises to calm your muscles. We will also recommend counseling, relaxation techniques such as yoga and exercise to deal with stress. For more details on stress and teeth clenching, contact our office today.

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