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Should You Get a Veneer to Cover a Dental Crack?

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Dr. VanBrunt
Should You Get a Veneer to Cover a Dental Crack?Dental veneers are custom made coverings for your teeth. They fit over your tooth and are meant to both improve the cosmetics of the tooth and hide defects. This is a long term solution as dental veneers are bonded to the tooth. They are useful to create an even gum line and a symmetrical smile. However, they are also used to cover chipped teeth.

Dental Cracks Understood

Some people have small hairline cracks on their teeth. A bigger dental crack, called a fracture, is more extensive. Cracked teeth can be the result of chewing or biting hard foods. You can also crack your teeth during a car accident or other facial trauma. At dental crack can cause tenderness if it impacts a significant area of the tooth. This is not a discomfort you want to ignore.

Dental cracks vary in size and scope. The extent of damage on the tooth will determine the dental treatment. It is difficult to recommend a veneer without fully understanding the patient's situation. If the crack is minor, we may suggest a veneer. if the dental crack is more extensive, we may need to look at other treatments like bonding. In this instance we would use a plastic resin to fill the crack. We also may suggest a dental crown or a root canal if the crack encompasses most of the tooth.

If you suspect a dental crack, the most important thing you can do is make an appointment with our office staff. We have dental professionals readily available who can quickly assess if your dental crack is a small hairline crack or a more extensive issue. If the tooth is fractured, we may need to explore other dental treatments as dental cracks and fractures can cause more serious complications.

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