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Greens Have the Potential to Boost Your Overall Oral Health

Posted on 7/12/2021 by Dr. VanBrunt
Greens Have the Potential to Boost Your Overall Oral HealthGreens are wonder foods, as they improve a person's overall health and are good for the gums and teeth. The following information gives you more details about these wonder foods.

What Greens Support Dental Health?

Leafy greens, such as spinach, kale, chard, collard greens, and lettuce, neutralize acids in the mouth and contain the vitamins and minerals that support dental health. Greens contain calcium and folic acid - nutrients that the teeth love because they build the enamel and strengthen teeth and gums. By adding greens to your diet each day, you can lose weight, feel better physically, and have healthier gums and teeth. How to Eat Greens for Better Dental Health

How to Include Greens in Your Daily Diet

To include greens in your diet, add them to a salad, steam them, or add them to a smoothie. Just make sure, when adding them to a salad, that you do not use a salad dressing that contains sugar. It is better to use plain yogurt or a light sprinkling of oil and vinegar. While vinegar can be acidic, the oil and greens (which are alkaline) will neutralize the effect. You can also add cheese to your salad, which is always good for the teeth.

Some of the Nutrients

While greens contain calcium and folic acid to support dental health, they also contain antioxidants, which prevent the spread of infection. The anthocyanins in greens represent powerful phytochemicals that prevent pathogens from accumulating on the gum tissue and teeth. Greens contain magnesium, as well, which builds dental enamel and prevents tooth decay. The vitamin A in greens supports the development of the upper teeth, and vitamin C safeguards the gums from problems with infections and bleeding. The vitamin K in greens promotes blood clotting, which reduces bleeding after tooth brushing. Greens also contain phosphorus, which, like magnesium, protects the dental enamel. The xylitol in greens neutralizes mouth pH and prevents bacteria from sticking to the teeth.

Include greens in your daily diet and realize better outcomes during your 6-month dental visits. Contact us today if you have not scheduled a dental exam in the past six months.

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