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Why Cleaning Behind the Back Teeth Is So Important

Posted on 7/26/2021 by Dr. VanBrunt
Why Cleaning Behind the Back Teeth Is So ImportantIt is important not to overlook the very back of the mouth when cleaning your teeth. Doing so will prevent problems with cavities and improve your oral health.

Cleaning the Hard-to-Reach Places in the Mouth

The American Dental Association (ADA) supports a daily dental routine that prevents tooth decay and gum disease problems. Therefore, it is vital to brush each morning and evening and to floss once a day. When cleaning the teeth, make sure you focus on all the teeth and their surfaces. This means that you must concentrate on cleaning exterior surfaces, contours on the teeth, and the area behind the back molars in your mouth.

Why You Should Always Clean Back of the Very Back Teeth

Behind the very back teeth or molars lies soft tissue pockets - pockets that can easily collect plaque and bacteria. Therefore, to ensure optimal dental health, you need to clean this area back of the molars. If you fail to clean behind the very back teeth, you can end up having problems with decay and infections.

How to Clean the Back Teeth and Behind Them

When you clean the back molars and the area behind the teeth, hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gum line. Use short strokes and move your toothbrush back and forth to clean all the surfaces - inside, outside, and on top of the molars. Clean the grooves and crevices, and place your brush behind the tooth, softly brushing the tissue and the side of the tooth. You may want to use a toothbrush with a smaller head to better navigate the brush and make it easier to clean.

If you are not sure how to brush correctly, we can show you how to do so. Give us a call today to schedule a professional cleaning and exam.

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