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Should All Adults Use Water Flossers or Only Older Adults

Posted on 8/23/2021 by Dr. VanBrunt
Should All Adults Use Water Flossers or Only Older AdultsWhen it comes to flossing your teeth, it is important to use a system that is best for you regardless of your age. As a rule, we suggest brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes a session and flossing your teeth once a day before bedtime. Most people are used to traditional floss, but have you considered using a water flosser to remove debris between your teeth?

Removing plaque from your teeth and in between your teeth is important. If you allow those food particles to stay in your mouth, plaque will form. As plaque releases damaging acids, your enamel takes the hit. Eventually, these acids can penetrate your tough external enamel and cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Water Flossers for Everyone

Many older adults choose to use water flossers to remove plaque between their teeth. The truth is anyone can use water flossers. Water flossers are encouraged in some circumstances.

A water flosser is a handheld device that shoots a stream of water at your teeth with enough intensity to clean between them. If your flossing technique with traditional string leaves something to be desired, you might consider using a water flosser. If you have braces or other orthodontic work, a water flosser could be much easier to use than traditional floss. Braces are for people of all ages, and so are water flossers.

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