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Do You Use Cough Drops Enough to Cause Enamel Damage?

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Dr. VanBrunt
Do You Use Cough Drops Enough to Cause Enamel Damage?When you experience persistent coughing, you are more likely to use cough drops and syrup to stop it. As much as the cough drops help treat coughing, your enamel could be adversely affected. This is because they contain certain ingredients that could be harmful to your enamel and oral health in general. It is important to know these ingredients so that you take the necessary precautions.

Potentially Harmful Ingredients

A majority of cough drops and syrups contain ingredients that could harm your enamel. These medications contain high fructose, alcohol, and citric acid. Even though these ingredients can make you feel better when having a cold, they have long-term effects that could leave your enamel in jeopardy.

To begin with, alcohol is one of the common ingredients in cough drops. This is a risky ingredient that is known for causing dry mouth. Even in the smallest quantities, alcohol can have a significant impact on your oral health. Normally, the mouth produces about 1 liter of saliva on a daily basis. This saliva plays an important role in reducing harmful bacteria in your mouth and neutralizing acids. However, alcohol causes dry mouth and slows down the production of saliva. This results in the increase of bacteria and acids in your mouth. As a result, you can develop oral conditions like tooth decay.

The Sugars Are the Problem in Most Instances

Sugars are also present in some cough drops. These sugars help mask the medication's naturally bitter taste. However, these sugars can affect your enamel. They do so by sticking on your teeth and creating a feeding frenzy for harmful bacteria. The bacteria will then attack your enamel and your tooth in general, causing infections. The bacteria will also feed on sugar and release a dangerous acidic byproduct. The acid will wear down the enamel and increase the risk of decay. Visit our offices for more information on the effects of cough syrup and drops on your oral health.

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