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How does thumb sucking affect teeth?

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Dr. VanBrunt
How does thumb sucking affect teeth?Thumb sucking can affect the teeth, but this happens when the thumb is sucked with a lot of motion and done actively. The effects are as follows.

Overbites and speech problems

The top front teeth extend to the bottom front teeth, leading to gum disease, jaw pain, or tooth decay. This condition is called an overbite. The kid may have problems, and a lisp is developed. The kid experiences problems pronouncing some hard constants like' t' and 'd'. If the tongue is bunching, the palatal sounds are affected.

Misaligned teeth and position change of the tongue.

Changes to the shape of the jaw thumb sucking misalignment of the teeth where the jaws shape and the roof of the mouth this condition is called malocclusion in this condition the lower and upper teeth fit together the teeth are overcrowded. If thumb sucking is vigorous, it makes the baby have unusual teeth. The tongue does not sit in the right position in the mouth. It can also affect the angle of positioning, which affects the child's swallowing and speech, the movement of the tongue backward, and a condition called thrust pattern can occur.


Tipping and sensitivity of the teeth

The effects on facial development areas the kids suck the thumb and change from infancy to adolescence. The oral-facial development changes as the teeth face an unusual direction, thus affecting the kid's facial expression. It can also cause a change in the jaw palate, affecting the eruption of the teeth through the gums. Thumb sucking results in a gap between the lower and upper teeth. The bottom teeth may tip inward towards the back, where the bottom teeth do not meet when the mouth is closed. The roof of the mouth becomes sensitive, and the kid cannot feed some diet, especially calcium-enriched foods.

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