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Risks of Missing Teeth

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Dr. VanBrunt
Risks of Missing TeethThere can be several reasons behind missing teeth like tooth decay, accidents, injury, or gum diseases. However, not replacing your missing teeth can lead to several problems. Here are some of the risks of not replacing your missing teeth.

Increased Chances of Infection

One of the most significant risks of missing a tooth is an increased likelihood of infection. Without a firm foundation of undamaged teeth, bacteria can easily penetrate and get stuck in crevices and cracks. Also, empty dental space can directly cause the bacteria to enter the bloodstream. It puts you at risk for developing painful tooth infections or even more severe conditions like heart disease or stroke.

Jawbone and Gum Deterioration

Missing teeth can have some serious consequences for your jawbone and gum, leading to tissue damage. When teeth are lost, the bone and gums that once surrounded those teeth begin to thin and recede. It leads to aesthetic issues like gaps and sagging and affects your ability to chew and speak properly. Without the structural support of healthy teeth, your jawbone also becomes seriously weakened over time, leaving you at greater risk of a break or fracture. And in addition to these physical risks, missing teeth can also increase your risk of tooth decay from uneven wear on the remaining teeth.

Misaligned Teeth Leading To Bite Problems

Another risk of having missing teeth is that they can cause misalignment of the surrounding teeth, leading to bite problems such as underbite or overbite. Misaligned teeth can lead to pain when you eat or speak and make it more challenging to clean your mouth effectively. Furthermore, any additional strain on the jaw caused by alignment problems could increase your risk of developing the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), characterized by headaches, jaw stiffness, and ringing in the ears. To protect yourself from these unwanted complications, call our dentists and get started on replacing your missing teeth today!

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