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Composite Dental Fillings
Tulsa, OK

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The most common dental problem that we see is the development of decay. Known in dentistry as a carious lesion, and known by patients as a cavity, when the patient has developed decay, we can remove it and repair the small hole with the composite filling material. At Smiles of Tulsa, we understand that our patients want a dental restoration that blends with their teeth, allowing it to be hidden. Composite fillings are the material of choice when seeking a durable product that is colored to match your teeth. We use this filling material to fill teeth following the removal of decay, and also to make simple repairs of chips and fractures. A member of our team, including Corbyn VanBrunt, DDS, will examine your needs and help you decide if composite material is right for you.

Dental Fillings for Cavities

When a patient has decay in their teeth, we need to remove it. Decay is bacteria that is eating away at your teeth. We want to remove the bacteria, and then fill the enamel to restore your tooth to health. We can fill the holes with one of two very different materials, either amalgam filling, known for its silver color, or composite filling, known for being able to match your tooth coloring.

Amalgam vs Composite Fillings

•  Amalgam Fillings: Amalgam has been used for decades to fill cavities after the removal of decay. It is strong, durable and should last many years. Amalgam has been the product of choice for back molars for many years. The downside of this product includes its dark coloring, its use of metal and how it is placed. Amalgam uses an amount of mercury that is within the safe limits for human use, but this can still make some patients uneasy.

To place amalgam we often need to remove a larger portion of the tooth than just what it decayed, that is because amalgam is not sticky, but needs to be resting inside the tooth cavity, it will not adhere to the sidewall of a tooth.

•  Composite Fillings: Composite has also been used for a long period, though in the past it was not known for being nearly as durable, so most dentists primarily only used it on front teeth. The product used today is considerably stronger and should last many years. A composite filling is made using a blend of quartz and resin. The product is white and can be shaded to match your teeth, allowing it to blend in seamlessly. With its now added strength, it has become the product of choice for most patients, even on back molar teeth. Additionally, since composite does adhere, we can remove only the necessary portion of the tooth and apply the material.

Dental Bonding with Composite Filling

Besides filling cavities, the composite filling material is also used to make simple repairs. We can use it to repair teeth that have been:
•  Chipped
•  Worn
•  Cracked
•  To close gaps

To improve the life expectancy of your tooth fillings, and protect your teeth, don’t chew on ice, eat taffy, or smoke tobacco. Brush and floss your teeth, including after they have been restored, daily, and visit the dentist regularly. Don’t ignore tooth pain. Taking care of your cavities when they are small is a good investment, larger cavities may require more extensive work, or even the use of a dental crown, which is more time consuming and costly.

Our staff is here to assist you in scheduling appointments and answering your questions. For more information contact Smiles of Tulsa at our Tulsa location. (918) 891-3059

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At Smiles of Tulsa, we understand that patients want restorations that blend in with their teeth, which is why we offer composite dental fillings. Learn more here!
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