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Digital Dental Charting
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Everything in our lives seems to revolve around technology these days, and it's difficult to think of a process that hasn’t been made easier by going digital. We at Smiles of Tulsa in Tulsa, OK know that dentistry is no exception. That’s why we’re proud to use digital dental charting in our practice. By keeping our charts and records digitally, we’ve eliminated time-consuming and environmentally harmful paperwork, which means we have more time and energy to focus on you, our patients.

What is Digital Dental Charting?

Not that long ago, dental practices had to rely on paper charting to keep records of our patients. We’d write out by hand the results of everything from routine cleaning and exam to a dental implant procedure. We keep detailed records of our patients’ oral health, so we can provide better care, anticipate issues before they become more serious, and make recommendations for the future. Even the most meticulously kept charts, however, can have small discrepancies in handwriting or codes that can create misunderstandings.

Digital dental charting, as the name suggests, all takes place on the computer. It’s a means of electronically keeping our records, so they are more accurate, accessible, and helpful. Digital dental charting eliminates the need for paper charts and all the inconsistencies of handwriting. This helps to ensure that your chart is always up to date, which allows our team to have a more comprehensive view of your oral health and easily look back at your complete dental history. We can update your charts and records on the computer in a standardized, uniform, and streamlined manner. If necessary, digital dental charting also allows us to quickly and securely share your oral health records with your other healthcare providers.

What are the Benefits of Digital Dental Charting?

We’ve already noticed a huge difference in our practice since implementing digital dental charting. By standardizing our charts, the information in our office moves more quickly and smoothly from Corbyn VanBrunt, DDS to our team of skilled hygienists and assistants and back and forth. Everyone is better able to get a clear, up-to-date understanding of your unique oral health and your needs. We may even be able to add notes to your chart using verbal dictation, so we need not waste time with manual updates. We can easily take a broader look at our clients as well and see who might be coming due for a cleaning or other procedure. Our records and schedules are more streamlined, which means you spend less time in our office overall, but better-quality time when you do.

We should also all be proud to be using a paperless and more environmentally friendly charting system. We’ve reduced our carbon footprint considerably by embracing digital dental charting. We’re proud to offer our patients a streamlined, precise, and greener way to receive their oral care.

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Digital Dental Charting | Smiles of Tulsa - Dentist in Tulsa, OK
At Smiles of Tulsa, we're proud to use digital dental charting in our practice to eliminate time-consuming and environmentally harmful paperwork. Learn more here!
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