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Braces for Straighter Teeth
Tulsa, OK

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A wide variety of orthodontic options exists for teens and adults who want to straighten their teeth. But despite the passage of time and the advent of highly popular new methods, traditional metal braces remain the go-to method for many orthodontic patients.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have several advantages over other treatment options such as Clear Correct Aligners. First of all, they treat overcrowding more effectively than alternative methods such as Invisalign® or clear braces and cost less money. They give us more control so we can make small, precise adjustments to your teeth. Wearers of Invisalign also have to make sure they wear their clear aligners at least 22 hours a day and don’t lose them. Those who opt for braces will not have to worry about this.

The primary drawback of metal braces is their appearance along with the accompanying feelings of self-consciousness. Fortunately, metal braces are much more socially acceptable than in decades past and are now customizable with a wide variety of colors for the elastics and brackets.

Caring for your Braces

If Corbyn VanBrunt, DDS determines that braces are the best choice for you, here are some admonitions to keep in mind.

Abstain from Foods that aren’t Good for Braces

We will give you a list of foods you can’t eat once your braces are installed. This includes chewy foods like caramels, soft candy, and gum, along with foods that are crunchy or hard. Popcorn and corn-on-the-cob are also off-limits. Some types of fruits and vegetables can get caught in your braces, so you must cut them up into small pieces. Following these instructions will preserve your braces and prevent cavities.

Brush and Floss as Instructed

You must always practice good oral hygiene, but when you have braces, there are other considerations. By brushing and flossing twice daily, you will protect your teeth from stains and maintain a good appearance for your braces. Corbyn VanBrunt, DDS may give you a special brush that will allow you to get inside the hard-to-reach spaces of your braces. We will show you how to floss when you have braces and can also give you floss threaders or interdental brushes to help get in between your teeth more easily.

Come in for Adjustments

We will summon you back to our office regularly so we can make small adjustments to your braces, guiding your teeth to their desired positions. During these visits, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. You’ll need to wear your braces for a good amount of time, which is why it is necessary to follow our instructions and care for your braces in the proper manner.

If you aren’t sure which orthodontic option is best for you, come into our office for a consultation. We’ll take a close look at your medical and dental history to help you make the right choice. While these brackets and wires may feel inconvenient, the smile you’ll have in the end will make it all worthwhile.

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