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Dental Crowns
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Diagram of a dental crown by our dentist at Smiles of Tulsa in Tulsa, OK
Your teeth have many important jobs. They are also incredibly strong. The teeth are the strongest substance in the human body. While they can withstand a substantial amount of daily wear and tear, they are not indestructible. Your teeth can be faced with issues such as decay and physical trauma that can compromise both their health and their structural integrity. Smiles of Tulsa can help to restore damaged teeth, providing them with protection and strength, with crowns.

What is a Crown?

While minor damage can often be treated with a cosmetic treatment such as bonding or veneers, more significant damage can have a more serious impact. Damage can worsen over time, compromising the structure of the affected tooth as well as its health. A crown is a dental restoration designed to restore a damaged tooth. Resembling a cap, the crown is made to mimic the size and shape of your natural tooth. It is placed to encompass the entire visible surface of the affected tooth, effectively protecting it while restoring its strength.

What are Crowns Made From?

Crowns can be made from several different materials:
•  Metal: Metal crowns have been in use the longest. They are also the strongest material available. In addition to being practically indestructible, they also require the least amount of tooth removal. However, metal crowns are very noticeable in your mouth, being either silver or gold in color.
•  Porcelain fused to metal: PFM crowns have a metal base that surrounds your tooth with a porcelain coating. This coating helps to provide a more realistic restoration while still providing your tooth with incredible protection. However, a metal line can often be seen through the porcelain, making it more noticeable.
•  Ceramic: Ceramic is the most popular, and most aesthetic, choice for crowns. Made entirely from ceramic, the crown perfectly mimics the color and light reflection properties of your natural teeth. The material is not as strong as metal, but it can withstand most daily use, making it perfect for teeth toward the front of your mouth.

Why Get a Crown?

Crowns provide several benefits, including:
•  Providing protection from further damage and infections.
•  Restoring strength so that the tooth can continue to function normally.
•  Avoiding the need for tooth extraction.
•  Protecting a root canal.
•  Anchoring a dental bridge in place.

Types of Dental Crowns

Dentists cement crowns onto a tooth to augment its functionality, appearance, and strength. A crown encases the visible portion of a tooth from the gumline to the top. As such, the crown becomes the outer surface of the tooth. Smiles of Tulsa provides quality dental crowns that last longer. Here, we highlight the types of tooth crowns you can find in a dental office.

How is a Dental Crown Placed?

It typically requires two appointments to place a crown. At your first appointment, we begin by administering a local anesthetic. This is done so that when we prepare the affected tooth, you do not feel any discomfort. Preparing the tooth involves removing a portion of the enamel, reducing the size of the tooth so that your crown will fit comfortably and naturally in with the rest of your teeth. We then take an impression of your mouth.

The impression is sent to our dental lab, where technicians use it to design and create your custom restoration. It can take two weeks for this process to be completed, so a temporary tooth is provided to protect your tooth while you wait. At your second appointment, we remove the temporary tooth and check your completed restoration for fit and bite. If everything looks good, the crown is bonded securely into place on the tooth.

A crown can provide a damaged tooth with protection from further harm and infection while also restoring its strength so that it can continue to function normally, all without the need for a tooth extraction. Call Smiles of Tulsa at (918) 891-3059 to learn more and find out if a crown is the right solution for you.

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