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Giving Your Teeth Enough Vitamin D is Essential, But Do You Know Why?
Posted on 11/20/2018 by Dr. VanBrunt
You always want your teeth to look their best. Brushing your teeth every day, when you wake up and before you sleep optimally, is a very important oral hygiene practice to maintain. Of course, you must floss after brushing your teeth as well. However, did you know that you need sufficient levels of Vitamin D in your body to keep your teeth healthy? It's true. You may know that Vitamin D is vital for your bone health, but it is just as important in fortifying tooth strength. If you have a major Vitamin D deficiency, then you are more susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay. So, before we explain why Vitamin D is so important for your teeth, let's explain what Vitamin D is and the best food sources to get enough of it in your body. Vitamin D Is Not A Vitamin That's right, Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin. A vitamin, like Vitamin C, is an organic nutrient that is eaten is incremental quantities to ensure vital nutritional health, growth, and the metabolic functions of the human body. Vitamins aren't naturally created within the human body, so they must be ingested in small amounts over long periods of time via diet. Vitamin D is actually what is known as a steroid hormone precursor. In short, Vitamin D is a kind of hormone. A hormone is created by one organ to create a reaction in another organ in the human body. Your liver and kidneys create the inactive Vitamin D hormone which instructs your intestines to absorb calcium from your blood. Vitamin D from foods and/or supplements augment this function. Why Your Teeth Need Vitamin D If you don't have enough diet-derived Vitamin D in your body, then your body can't absorb calcium. No matter how much calcium rich food you eat, it won't be absorbed. Your body will begin breaking down and chemically cannibalizing your bones to get the calcium it needs. Your teeth will also rot and decay from this process. What To Eat You can acquire Vitamin D via safe, moderate and direct sunlight interaction through the skin. Vitamin D can also be found in fatty species of fish, eggs, dairy products like cheese and beef liver. You can also get Vitamin D through supplements. Fortify Your Teeth Brushing and flossing just aren't enough. Modify your diet to get as much Vitamin D as possible. The strength of your teeth depends on it. For more tips on keeping your teeth strong and healthy, call our office....

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