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Facts to Know About Your Saliva and How Important It Is

Posted on 9/25/2019 by Dr. VanBrunt
Facts to Know About Your Saliva and How Important It IsFor many people, the saliva that builds up in their mouth, I just something nasty that they want to spit out. The problem is that saliva plays an important role in helping keep the body healthy. The lack of saliva is a sign that something is not right. The lack of saliva can also lead to many problems, especially with your oral health. It is time to look at the role saliva plays in your body.

Understanding Saliva

Saliva contains more than just water. 99% of saliva is water, but the rest a mixture of minerals, vitamins and hormones along with any debris left in your mouth from things put in the mouth throughout the day. Your salivary glands produce about one quart of saliva a day. The amount of saliva produced depends on the time of day, your age and other conditions.

When you sleep, the production of saliva drops. Mucins are protein molecules in saliva that among other things can help shield the teeth from the growth of bacteria. Saliva helps regulate the levels of acids in the mouth. It also helps provide an environment that allows the tooth mineral to grow.

The Importance of Saliva

Saliva plays a vital role in the health of the teeth and gums. It is a key to removing any debris that is left in the mouth throughout the day. It also helps protect the teeth from bacteria and can help remove the bacteria in the mouth that is harmful to the teeth. By providing an environment that allows the teeth to replace the mineral of the tooth enamel, it keeps teeth stronger and healthier.

If you do not produce enough saliva, you have a condition known as dry mouth. This is common with mouth breathers and with people that snore. Because of the lack of saliva production, these groups tend to have more cavities.

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