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Emergency Dental Services
Tulsa, OK

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Dental emergencies happen. Teeth can crack or chip for several reasons, and of course, it’s usually an unpredictable accident. At those times, we hope it’s comforting to know that we at Smiles of Tulsa are just a phone call away. We can start the process to get you feeling whole and confident about your smile again.

Contact Us Immediately for Emergency Services

If you’re in the Tulsa, OK area and need emergency dental services, call us at (918) 891-3059 right away. We’re committed to taking care of our clients in their hour of need. We may be able to see you on the very same day since we usually leave space in our appointment calendar for just these kinds of emergencies. If your emergency occurs after normal business hours, please still give us a call. Our automated message has another number for you to call if we are not in the office. We’ll make sure you get the care you need as soon as possible.

Reasons you Might Need Emergency Services

Most of the dental emergencies we’ve encountered consist of damage to or loss of a tooth. Whether from a sports injury, an accident, or simply biting on hard food, these dental emergencies can leave you panicked if you don’t have a plan in place. As stated above, call us immediately. Our friendly staff can help guide you in the first steps to take while you prepare to come into the office. If the emergency is less severe, we can also schedule an appointment for you at a more convenient time.

If a tooth has been knocked out, try to handle it as little as possible. Make sure it’s clean and try to place it back in the mouth and bite down on clean gauze or a wet tea bag in the meantime. Do not swallow the tooth. If the tooth won’t stay in its place, rinse it off with saliva or milk and store it in a container with milk or your saliva until we can see you. Apply a cold, wet compress to the socket to stop any bleeding.

Some emergencies are less obvious, like a severe toothache. A general rule to follow is that pain in your mouth is not normal. If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, call us immediately. We’ll get you in for an appointment as soon as possible. Severe tooth pain can be a sign of an abscess or an infection in the tooth pulp which could mean a root canal is necessary. We’ll likely take an x-ray to determine the best course of action as soon as possible.

Tips to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Some emergencies are unavoidable, but the best thing you can do to prevent them is to make sure your teeth are strong and healthy. Commit to proper oral hygiene and your regular checkups with us. Avoid biting down on hard foods and candies which could weaken teeth. If you play sports, be sure to wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth during competition.

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