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What Happens if You Never Brush Your Teeth?

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Dr. VanBrunt
What Happens if You Never Brush Your Teeth?If you want to preserve your smile and improve its appearance, you need to visit our office every six months and brush and floss each day. If you don't brush your teeth at all, the consequences are much worse than taking time out to conscientiously care for your teeth.

Why Brushing Your Teeth Is Important

When you brush your teeth, you remove the bacteria and food particles that lead to infection and problems with decay. If you forego brushing, your teeth will stain, and plaque and tartar will build up over time. Therefore, your teeth can take on a dingy look, or even die, if you don't make brushing an established routine. Moreover, not brushing the teeth leads to gum recession and bleeding, something that can be reversed, in the early stages, if you get into the habit of brushing. People who don't brush also experience more health difficulties, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, or aspiration pneumonia (something that happens to denture wearers who don't brush or soak their dentures). According to scientists at the University of Chicago College of Dentistry, 300 specific kinds of bacteria live in people's mouths. If you don't brush regularly, or at all, the bacteria will ingest the food particles and sugars in the mouth and produce tooth decay.

Get into the Habit of Brushing

If the practice of brushing and flossing has totally waned in your life, you need to get back into the habit now. Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago College of Dentistry add that you will lose tissue and bone around the teeth if you don't routinely brush. You can control the buildup of bacteria in your mouth by brushing twice daily and flossing once a day. This basic two-minute habit is one of the best investments you can make toward better oral health and your well-being overall. Why not start by brushing with an ADA-recommended flavored paste and travel brush to give you a quick pick-up after you eat lunch?

You should also commit to getting a professional dental exam twice yearly. If you have not had a professional cleaning or exam in some time, give us a call and book an appointment today.

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